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Avatar is a strange blue beast. The first was praised for its visuals, but the acting and plot were uninspired. Anyone I discuss the movie with feels indifferent or outright doesn't like it. There is seemingly no fandom for this franchise, and yet it's the #1 highest grossing movie in the world (after a couple calculated re-releases edged it past Avengers: Endgame).

Similar to the first, it's all style over substance. The plot is bland, forgettable, and the movie is 30 mins too long. I found myself walking back to my seat slowly from the bathroom and at one point counting how many speakers there were on the theater ceiling. It doesn't help that Zoe Saldana is given less screen time and not much to do other than wailing when something goes wrong. And Sam Worthington just doesn't have the presence to lead this big a movie. Matt Damon would've been the better choice, had he not turned down the role.

The visuals on the other hand are phenomenal. The one thought that kept crossing my mind was just how beautiful the movie was. There's nothing like it, and it does deserve to be seen on the largest screen you can find. And yet, I still don't think the tech is at a place that can at least match the raw emotion of an actual actor. Non-blue Stephen Lang as villain Colonel Miles Quaritch is more compelling in the first film.

No one asked for this sequel, but here we are. Way of the Water is nearing the $2 billion mark. It's too early to tell if it will surpass the first film's numbers, but James Cameron has already said it has made enough to move forward with three more sequels. Three! Pandora is a rich and lively planet, and James Cameron has done some admirable world building. I love how he's constantly pushing film tech forward. I love how it's getting butts into theater seats again. Ultimately though, it's just not a fun watch. And that's the very least I expect in an expensive blockbuster movie.

Sigh, I'll likely still see the next one three.

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