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This is a bad movie. It is easily the worst of the recent DC movies, and may be one of the worst superhero movies ever. I'd say Morbius is better, and I couldn't even get halfway through that. The only reason I even finished Black Adam, was so that no one could argue my review wasn't fair or that the movie got better towards the end. It didn't.

It all starts with The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. I generally like The Rock. He's an action star who plays himself in every movie, and you know what you're getting yourself into. Jumanji would be my personal favorite. He has a wide appeal, and is a guaranteed draw at the box office. John Cena is having a successful run in the superhero business, and it's natural that The Rock would give it a shot. On paper, it looks sound. On screen, my god. We all know he isn't an amazing actor, but this is the first time I thought he was a bad one. He grunted and scowled his way through the whole movie and didn't have the presence he usually does. Who knows if it was the writing, the costume, or the character, but none of it worked.

The rest of the movie is just a giant CGI dump truck. It almost got to the point where it was so bad that it circled back to being good, but it failed at that too. The acting and dialogue were painful, and the plot was an incoherent mess. I only gave this any points because it bombed so bad that it caused DC to reset their cluttered superhero universe and start from scratch.

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I enjoyed this movie for what it was. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't know any of the histories on Black Adam or any of the other heroes, so going into this my expectations were low/zero.

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Chris Sev

It wasn't that bad

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Zachary Holberg

Couldn't bring myself to finish this one. Arguably the only two (somewhat) decent scenes to this movie are the super-slow-mo scene in act one when BA takes out the mercenaries. The CGI and cinematography weren't half bad. And second, the Easter egg post credits with Superman (thank you Interweb spoilers). The remaining filler was a half-cooked and poorly executed adaption of what could have been a solid opportunity to add a cool (and incredibly powerful) character to the DCU. I sincerely hope that James Gunn gives this character another shot in the future.


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