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Sean Cheering85%


I’ve been a fan of Rian Johnson since The Brothers Bloom, which I still feel is his best film (The Last Jedi is his worst, but we can get into that some other time). In his neo-noir directorial debut Brick, you see he has a passion for a cleverly written murder mystery. I admittedly wasn’t a huge fan of Knives Out when I saw it in theatres, but I’ve rewatched it at least a handful of times and have come to love it. Daniel Craig is fantastic, and the rest of the casting is perfect and fun to watch. It’s leagues better than Kenneth Branagh’s painfully forgettable Murder on the Orient and Death on the Nile.

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Kaitlin Packard

Being a fan of Agatha Christie's stories growing up, I can honestly say this feels as close to that outline and aesthetic, and has reignited my love for this genre.

The quirky detective plus the messy family dynamic add to the mystery in a way that is down-to-earth and easy going, but still fun and makes you "feel the feels."

I typically have a hard time finding movies that I'm willing to watch more than once, but Knives Out will definitely be one that I will happily watch anytime somebody suggests it.

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Iskandar Kurbanov

Great detective movie!

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Chris Sev

SO much hype. Maybe too much hype


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