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The Green Mile will always get compared to Shawshank. Both based on novels from Stephen King, both directed by Frank Darabont, and both Best Picture nominees, only a few years apart. The former loses DP Roger Deakins, and it shows. It's still a good-looking film, but you lose the wonderful framing and lighting shots. Some of the characters are a bit flat, however Michael Clarke Duncan is unforgettable, and Doug Hutchison as the cowardly Percy Whetmore is someone you just love to hate. The movie suffers from an overly long runtime. At 3 hours 9 minutes, it is longer than any (theatrical) Lord of the Rings film. A little more time in the editing room would have made this a tighter film.

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Comparisons to Shawshank are innevitable. No reason to do that. This is Cici's pizza. Way too much pizza. No complaints, becuase pizza is pretty awesome. But wouldn't you rather have a couple ridiculously good slices from Pizza by Alfredo Alfredo's Pizza Cafe?


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