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Sean Cheering75%


A delicious black comedy about class inequality and revenge that unfolds over a pretentious full course meal. It's delightful to point and laugh at the dinner guests who we’ve all known, seen, or even been at some point. I'm guilty of taking photos of my dishes time to time. The mystery and tension starts at the beginning of the movie and doesn’t let up. Although the third act gets a little disjointed, your’re paying for the experience, and it was worth it. Now I just want a cheeseburger.

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Did not expect any of what happened which I liked. Such a weird movie that left you with your jaw dropped and questioning "ok, but why??"

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Chris Sev

Lots of great ideas and well executed laughs. The laser printer tortillas bit was fantastic. I think it lost itself bit in the 3rd act and forced some of the scenes.

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Taylor Ackley

Awesome, thought provoking film with some hilarious moments. Finale leaves some frustrating questions unanswered.


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